Her Story

A celebration of craftsmanship and luxury in paper

Exquisite pieces designed with the deepest insights and finest craftsmanship – this is what Her Story wanted to showcase. With the experience of Walking Tree’s success at Doha at our side, we set off crafting a display experience that matched the brand’s ethos.

As they say, true luxury is understated. Taking cue from this adage, we focused our knowledge of human behaviour, design expertise and technical knowhow in ensuring ‘understated’ remained at the focal point of every effort.

With its inherent quality of pliability, paper presented itself as a viable material to craft this visual experience. We used the paper projection technique to create shapes out of meticulously folded paper cuts as a background to the jewellery pieces.

Minimal execution, maximum impact. What else is ‘understated’ about, if not this!

When finally put up, the window display did what it was supposed to – highlight the craftsmanship and the beauty of each piece of jewellery, while creating a play of light and shadow reminiscent of that made by the facets of each jewel.

A sparkling, shimmering tribute in paper, to true luxury.


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Her Story
Her Story